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Our Family

Meet the hoomans who love Frenchies

Scott Rehm

Owner/Veteran/Nurse/Frenchie Lover

Jeanalin Rehm

Owner/Flight Nanny/Frenchie Lover

Kyson & Adrian

Brothers/Frenchie Lovers

Our Team
Our Story

A family of four, we always dreamed of having a French Bulldog. Our first Frenchie, we named Dream. She is our spayed pet. We decided to get her a playmate, Big. Together, they make, Dream Big Frenchies. But when you love Frenchies so much, it grew an interest for us to be able to spread that joy to everyone. We found our niche, our calling, what God had in store for us. We never planned to get into the Frenchie industry, but it organically kind of just came to us.


This is where we knew we needed to fully focus our time on. Scottie suffering from PTSD (from being a machine gunner in the Marines) and me having anxiety/depression (from losing my Mom, both grandfathers and Dad in a year and a half), we learned that Frenchies helped us cope with our mental health. Frenchies saved us with their love, goofiness, cuddles and cuteness. We didn’t think these lil fluff balls would steal our hearts and turn us into Frenchie Freaks. Lol! So here we are, providing them with a home and so much love. We only want to improve the breed and as we learn and grow in this industry we’re grateful for those who trust in us and our fur babies.


If anyone is having a bad day and needs puppy cuddles, we got you. You’re more than welcomed to come over to get your cuddle fix. I’m being 💯 serious, Scottie and I love seeing our pups bring joy to others. 

Dream is our OG spayed pet frenchie, Big is our full fluffy frenchie therapy/service pet and Lil Miss Sugar Mama is our Fluffy French Bulldog Dam. We love our pets as our babies and they get to enjoy our 3200 square foot home and 1/2 an acre yard. Thank you for trusting in our French Bulldog program! 

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